Considering how “ok” people were with who fucks what in Dramatical Murder I can probably stop worrying about how people will react to relationships with monster-people in my monster-boyfran VN thing. Plus there isn’t like, sexual assault or rape in it.

Hell it actually might help spread the word of it.

Inspired by The Evil Within’s Sebastian and his compulsion to collect brain juice the mysterious green gel found in a crapton of wayward jars and occasionally dead things that were trying to murder him.

Brain Juice can upgrade his shootygun powers or tell him that he can carry more matches after he sits in an electric chair.  This makes perfect sense in context.

Been too long, things have not been helpful towards arting lately, but pft to the negative. All that’s left is shading and SFX and like 4/5 incentives (those are actually the easy part!).

So here’s a rough to inks side-by-side for the latest batch. Hope you guys are looking forward to it!

Happy Halloween lawl. Have these and some “lore” fluff on holiday critters.

The Jack o’ Candle is the vengeful ghost of a Pumpkin trampled on. Those haunted by these specters claim they smell rotting pumpkin wherever they spot a wayward light in the distance at night.  More disturbingly, they say that they sometimes feel like they’re stepping in pumpkin pulp whenever they walk barefoot in dark rooms.

Some experts claim that Jack o’ Candles are responsible for the inexplicable fires started around certain homes, but there is no evidence to give weight to the theory.


The Batfairy is considered the cousin of the Tooth Fairy as they also collect teeth, specifically teeth with cavities and other imperfections.  In the past they have been known to cast spells on children to eat more candy to produce better “bad teeth”.  Children afflicted with this are often said to have a “Sweet Tooth”.

Despite their seeming malice towards dental hygiene, Batfairies are considered to be responsible for the creation of a variety of caramel and toffee treats, in particular Caramel Apples- there is speculation on if this was a failed attempt to extract more teeth or a sincere contribution to the field of candy.  Either way, their creations are delicious.

Thanks for the kind words everyone, sometimes I get a bit down when I don’t get to draw or make stuff. It happens!

EDIT: Also monsterthrall, everyone goes through a bit of rough patches, and it sucks you’re going through it too, for all just tough it out, things’ll get better. 8>

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 12 + TG Anime Wrapup Rambles

My closing thoughts on the anime, there are good and bad things to say about it.  I was actually surprised for the better at the end but not all of it is praise.  So let’s get down to the dirty details under the cut…

Assume spoilers for the whole anime and feel free to comment in the [Disqus Section] of the post if you want to discuss things in depth.

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Tokyo Ghoul Episode 11 Rambles

Nothing happens.  Well ok, scenes happened. More under the cut about anime. It anyone, especially the manga readers, wants to chat, feel free to comment in the [Disqus Section] of the post.

Minor Spoilers I guess?

I also talk about my gripes about certain kinds of graphic depictions of violence and how this anime handles it (mostly how I don’t think it uses it in a very narrative-strong way).

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Naw I’m just messing with you, yaoi genre, this motherfucker shows up everywhere on the internet I swear to god.

September 7th, 2014

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There is yelling and hitting.

TWC just doesn’t want to function, but you can see the followup (answered 3 asks!) from this incentive I also still appreciate the votes since people have found the comic through there.

The askbox is open for your wonderful questions! As always, if you enjoy the comic consider reblogging so that new readers can find the comic.

*[Ch6, pg 35] TALLYHO CHEERIO.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 10 Rambles

Sorta Spoilers for the New Episode? Warning: I don’t have praise for it.

"Don’t like, don’t watch, blankd!" - I am 10 for 12 episodes of this thing, I also find it helpful to examine the media I consume.

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The other day I received this lovely fanart of Kresin’s Monsterform from rakusaru!  They’re a bit new to tumblr and were shy about sharing this, but with their permission, I’m posting it here to share with the rest of you!

You keep on doing your awesome thing dS fans~!

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It’s time for the DeSTRESS Incentive Roundup! Featuring the sad one from July and all of August’s!  I’m trying a new format for this since many of these answers were HUGE- click the High Res Links to view the answers in full!

I’m beginning to detect a trend.

[Ask 42 - “What Can People Do” -> “Where are People not in Pain?”]
(Link to the ask mentioned in 42, aka Ask 19 part 2)
[Ask 43 - “Monsterform/Character Design Babbling: Raz and Cheres”]
[Ask 44 - “What’s it like having a Chiranoble’s Eyes?”]
[Ask 45 - “Can Souls Fall in Love and get Married in Mionfaer?”]
[Ask 46 - “What if Martae and Kresin Swapped Bodies for a Day?”]
[Ask 47 - “Can Chiranobles, Bezzafrayl and Souls FrikFrak for a Baby?”]
(People seem REALLY interested in a followup for Ask 47, so you can look forward to that in the upcoming update incentive.)

August 31th, 2014

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Breaking out Monsterforms and maybe other things!

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It’s Time for Cake - Tokyo Ghoul (Anime, Impressions up to Ep. 9)

I haven’t done a media rambling in a while so let’s have at it. I watched Tokyo Ghoul instead of watching the gay swimming anime thanks to finally following up on it from the trailer GIFs I saw floating around my dash some time ago.

I don’t know if it’s my personality (picky and critical jerk) or something else. There are aspects that could have lead to a better watch and there are some choices that make me wonder if they’re weaknesses or intentional mockery of certain tropes/cliches, and if it’s all just buildup for some payoff in the last few episodes that may justify these elements.

Either way, maybe it will help you think about things if you have similar elements in your own work. Spoilers for up to Episode 9 of the ANIME (if I messed up an anime detail, feel free to correct me. Manga readers are welcome to point out differences but no spoilers from the manga please) I also strongly recommend using the [Disqus section] in this post if you want to discuss things.

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