Without Pilot, Large Version: (link)

With Pilot, Large Version: (link)

From the Mr. Pilot! series.  Finally belted out a semi-reliable reference for the AZURE.  Some Lots of stuff still needs to be tweaked.  It should also give a hint why the next Mr. Pilot bit isn’t up yet.

Learning to pilot/multitask one of these things is as hard/awkward as it looks.  The biggest hurdle is the posture and memorizing the processes to toggle/perform different functions (arming with weapons vs picking objects up) another is maneuvering which is done from a sitting position and steering with the knees/feet.  Toggling between foot steps and wheels is mercifully done with voice command.

*Note that the AZUREs are a work in progress, both in and out of the comic. Hope you liked reading about it and do use the Disqus section if you have something long to say 8O

Another note is that the “with pilot” version is an estimate for how the pilot fits in, the AZURE changes shape slightly in the upper body to accommodate the pilot.

Someday I’ll work on more interesting poses.

I don’t recall what spurred this on but I wondered how Alock and Co. would look like if they were species-swapped.  Alock was really hard for some reason, he gets to be a Grey because I am lazy. A07 gets ~chibified~ for visual balance.

Human!Versh looks hilarious to me I can’t quite place my finger as to why.

Also yes, Alock likes to stone-facedly do paper crafts as a hobby.

(I’ll see if I can put out another Mr. Pilot! page later this week.)

Part of the Mr. Pilot series: [High Res]
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Yes this is totally a hostage situation.

NLW = Nonlethal weapon, this particular version is a glorified taser- until Alock (or other Pilot) is actually in A07, this is the best “weapon” that A07 has access to (aside from physical girth, however it’s AI does not permit for such obvious violence.)

Uh, yeah…
EDIT: ahaha, this is not me, btw, this is ~someone else~ Something about robot titties. I’m not even sure I understand what it was even talking about

Uh, yeah…

EDIT: ahaha, this is not me, btw, this is ~someone else~ Something about robot titties. I’m not even sure I understand what it was even talking about

Part of the Mr. Pilot Series: High Res: (x~)

General information of personnel is public (on-base).  Some of this public information is: name, rank, unit (if applicable), status (active/inactive), active time (how long they have been on base) and their “Message Box” which is a form of email.  Information that is still considered “public” but a little harder to find would be a photo of what they look like, their race/species, sex and address of their personal quarters.

Medical information is only available to medical personnel and on a mission/assignment-related basis.

Part of the Mr. Pilot Series: High Res (x~)

A(ZURE)07 is a model of Body-Armor/Mech hybrid intended for military use. In an attempt to ensure that the technology is not abused it comes equipped with a primitive AI (with strict protocols). It is only able to access it’s combat functions when a biologically (living) being is piloting it.

The AI is also used whilst the pilot is using the unit to ensure that the pilot does not (intentionally or unintentionally) disobey orders or misuse the unit. The AZURE’s AI is constantly relaying information with it’s Parent AI that is located at it’s home base (the Parent AI sends out/processes Orders and Information).

When the pilot is not piloting the unit, it will function at the same level as other “Docile” helper robots. A07 happens to be “malfunctioning” in that it specifically nags/hounds/follows Pilot Alock. However since there is little detriment to either the unit or the pilot’s performances no action has been taken to rectify this problem, yet.