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Part of the Mr. Pilot series. Versh logic is sometimes based off of awful name puns.

Doodling this also make me realize Alock really needs a new face shape and that there needs to be more “proper” Mr. Pilot strips. We’ll see.

Part of the Mr. Pilot series: [High Res]
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Yes this is totally a hostage situation.

NLW = Nonlethal weapon, this particular version is a glorified taser- until Alock (or other Pilot) is actually in A07, this is the best “weapon” that A07 has access to (aside from physical girth, however it’s AI does not permit for such obvious violence.)

Part of the Mr. Pilot Series!

Sometimes I like to revisit it and randomly doodle something from here because I am a monster and because apparently I just can’t get enuff of duh homoromos.

For those of you concerned with the ~canon~ of Mr. Pilot, this takes place after Alock gets Versh to stop constantly asking him about the Auzzy.  This is also a reminder that Greys are just REALLY friendly sociopaths.  Also to those of you that enjoy this series, how do their tweaked appearances look?

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Some rough sketches/pages for a SECRET miniproject I aim to have done within the first week of August. However due to other factors, I won’t be able to post the finished product until AFTER August 10th!

Feel free to leave feedback or speculation on what is going on 8O.

*Normally I would leave the text in, but that would ruin the surprise.

Part of the Mr. Pilot Series: High Res: (x~)

General information of personnel is public (on-base).  Some of this public information is: name, rank, unit (if applicable), status (active/inactive), active time (how long they have been on base) and their “Message Box” which is a form of email.  Information that is still considered “public” but a little harder to find would be a photo of what they look like, their race/species, sex and address of their personal quarters.

Medical information is only available to medical personnel and on a mission/assignment-related basis.

Part of the Mr. Pilot Series: High Res (x~)

The Mess Hall functions much like a cafeteria, food is labeled by species so that food can be picked out more efficiently. None of the food served is deadly to any of the other species (as part of dietary screening), however certain foods have favor and health relevant to the species. (ie: A Gray might get aged/raw meat, a Human would get relatively fresher and cooked meat.)

Part of the Mr. Pilot Series: High Res (x~)

“Matestare” is a rough equal to “oh just fuck already” but stated in a (in Kyr’s head) far classier manner than the f-bomb.

The concept of extended silent starting/glaring is an act of displaying an interest in mating or territorial aggression in Chevaas’ (Kyr’s species) culture, though typically this act goes on for several more minutes, not just (this instance of) awkward silence.

While it may seem trivial, the use of the language is indicative of how Kyr’s generation has managed to grasp the concepts of sarcasm and hyperbole and are used fairly competently.

Whether this is a good or a bad thing for Chevass-OtherRace relations remains to be seen.

Part of the Mr. Pilot Series: High Res (x~)

Versh is of a species called “Grays”. The nickname comes from how the adolescent form of his species looks like the “Gray Child” alien of past years.

A unique trait of Grays is that they technically lack conventional/functional sexual organs but due to the nature of their biology, can assume vestigial sexual traits. However because of their extended interactions with humans, later generations of Grays have taken to assuming a gender pronoun of their choosing.

The most notable trait of Grays is their reproduction, which functions much like a virus’s. They will inject their genetic material into a host and the resulting offspring will mimic some of the visual and beneficial physiology of the host “parent.” While helpful to the Grays, such reproduction is almost always fatal for the host “parent”.

Despite such a nightmarish process, they maintain very friendly terms with the humans and were one of the first alien species that humans came into contact with.

*Even though Grays can “infect” a variety of species they will always maintain their leanness, high metabolism (comparatively to a human’s), bipedal structure, biological symmetry and carnivorous diet.

Versh himself is part of Corvus Patrol, one of the several on-site military groups stationed at the base.

Part of the Mr. Pilot Series: High Res (x~)

Kyr’s species is called Chevaas. And the fellow that just did a dramatic dive shall be introduced properly for the next segment. (As will that little critter.)

Also if it isn’t apparent, all members of the establishment have their rank and job on their left shoulder/arm or the equivalent of such on their person at all times. They are required to wear their rank even if they are technically off-duty- the exception would be when they are 1. stripped of rank or 2. unable to perform their job due to injury or sickness.

Part of the Mr. Pilot Series: High Res (x~)

Kyr is of a peculiar alien species whose bone structure is most similar to birds and reptiles. They are also one of the few intelligent species allied with humans that lack (functional) arms in the upper portions of their skeleton region. Biologically they have two “sets” of joints, all that remains of the “upper” set are vestigial stumps that may have permitted flight or “regular” hands. Their lower set of pelvis/shoulders possess a great degree of flexibility as the limbs function as both hands and feet. They also manage to use most human inventions efficiently despite having significantly thicker digits and lacking thumbs.

Their species also possesses a mighty tail used for balance and “sitting”, it is common for this species to “perch” on their tail. Contrary to what their canines would indicate, they are technically herbivores (their native vegetation is exceptionally tough and bears texture/consistency similar to flesh).

Kyr in particular has integrated well with humans and even insists on wearing human issued uniforms despite lacking the proper arms to wear them. He’s getting to know Pilot Alock more than he’d appreciate due to the increasing amount of reports A07 files. One may think of the behavior would warrant investigation into A07’s behavior, Kyr is often on standby status so the “extra” work is negligible to Kyr’s superiors.

Part of the Mr. Pilot Series: High Res (x~)

A(ZURE)07 is a model of Body-Armor/Mech hybrid intended for military use. In an attempt to ensure that the technology is not abused it comes equipped with a primitive AI (with strict protocols). It is only able to access it’s combat functions when a biologically (living) being is piloting it.

The AI is also used whilst the pilot is using the unit to ensure that the pilot does not (intentionally or unintentionally) disobey orders or misuse the unit. The AZURE’s AI is constantly relaying information with it’s Parent AI that is located at it’s home base (the Parent AI sends out/processes Orders and Information).

When the pilot is not piloting the unit, it will function at the same level as other “Docile” helper robots. A07 happens to be “malfunctioning” in that it specifically nags/hounds/follows Pilot Alock. However since there is little detriment to either the unit or the pilot’s performances no action has been taken to rectify this problem, yet.