I never read Teahouse, but I honestly can't stand any sort of BL where it's literally about the sex, and push women away. I'm glad to know though that you're not one of those people who will give only positive critiques. I don't think anyone can grow like that. Coming out on here and telling why the comic isn't good is one more reason why I very much like you.

Thanks for taking the time to drop by to give such kind words!

However, to be fair, BL isn’t the only genre guilty of this but yes it is one of the more notable offenders (your mileage may vary of course).

As an aside I haven’t really done a specific writeup on why the comic isn’t good (from a more academic/critical perspective anyway, if it’s your guilty pleasure or kink, sure, partake in it- but still recognize what’s wrong with it), but maybe I will if enough people express interest in it?

For now I think a cooldown period would be better given the recent drama.

But again, I’m glad you like the critiques; and who knows maybe honest/blunt critiques will start being “in-fashion”! 8)

C-C-Counter Advice

(Apologies for the number of text entries, I’ll try to avoid more DRAMAS like this in the future!)

So I was going to reblog this, but then I realized that the individuals in question would likely use their own advice, which is to ignore this since it’s probably considered negative.

Alternatively, it could be because I determined that it isn’t wise to reblog something that opens up with and builds most of its premise on an appeal to pity (admittedly it is very effective for most parties, but it is still a fallacy).

As another alternative, I determined that them possibly reading it was not worth the theoretical ADDITIONAL drama it would stir from either themselves, their fans, or both.

Anyway, you’re welcome to read it but the TL;DR is really just me echoing what I’ve said in previous posts:

If something stings, show it who’s boss by proving them wrong, not by sticking to the same song and dance that earned the stings in the first place.

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Teahouse Comic....heheheeheheh.

Oh look it’s Mercutio. TH really isn’t my flavor, but I’ll cut the essay short and just leave it at this guy makes the best faces out of all of them and that is why he is better than the rest.